Blockchain Research and Industry Introduction Workshop

17 September 2018  |  
8:45am - 5:00pm
GIC, 168 Robinson Road, #37-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
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This full-day workshop covers the foundations of blockchain research and application, from academic researchers and industry people with real-world examples.
At this workshop, you will:
  • Understand basic blockchain theory, systems and application
  • Learn the practice of the blockchain industry
  • Upon completion, you will be able to further pursue blockchain technology with a clear roadmap for both the advanced research and industry practice.





    Blockchain Fundamentals and Overview




    Blockchain Research, Systems and Application




    Digital Currency Trading Platform and Exchange


    Blockchain Financial Market Risks and the Ever-Changing Regulation Environment


    Tea Break


    Panel Discussion


    Closing Comments and Questions




    Blockchain Fundamentals and Overview

  • What is a blockchain – specifically its unique properties that benefit current and future applications
  • How do current blockchains differ from each other – both qualitatively in the design and quantitatively in their performance
  • What are the current challenges – the future blockchain system
  • Blockchain Research, Systems and Application

    Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are capturing public attention. They are also driving research on the underlying technology, i.e. blockchain. State-of-the-art research seeks to understand the design landscape, to address scalability problems, and to explore innovative use of the technology.

    In this talk, we will cover some novel blockchain research and applications. First, we discuss BLOCKBENCH, the first framework for evaluating private blockchain performance. The framework is open source, and we will show a demonstration of how to use it. Next, we discuss a novel approach to scale the throughput of blockchain systems, using commodity trusted hardware (Intel SGX). Finally, we describe a novel application of blockchain to solve the challenging problem of data sharing in the medical domains.

    Digital Currency Trading Platform and Exchange

  • Digital currencies
  • The exchange platform
  • Business and challenge
  • Blockchain Financial Market Risks and the Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

  • ICO
  • Finance market
  • Government regulations
  • Instructors
    Dr Ooi Beng Chin
    Distinguished Professor, NUS School of Computing
    Conducting research in AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Database (ABCD) for more than 30 years and works closely with the industry (eg. NUHS, Jurong Health, Tan Tok Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, KK Hospital on healthcare analytics and prediebetes prevention), and exploits IT for efficiency in various appplication domains, including healthcare, finance and smart city. He is a co-founder of yzBigData(2012) for Big Data Management and analytics, and Shentilium Technologies(2016) for AI- and data-driven Financial data analytics, MediLot Technologies(2018) for ¬RegTech company, Cynopsis Solutions, and an advisor to blockchain based KYC ICO. Beng Chin serves as a non-executive and independent director of ComfortDelgro and a member of Hangzhou Government AI Development Committee (AI TOP 30). Beng Chin is a fellow of the ACM , IEEE, and Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS).
    Dr Tien Tuan Anh Dinh
    Senior Research Fellow, NUS School of Computing
    His research interest is in system security, with focus on big data, distributed and blockchain systems. He obtained his PhD at University of Birmingham, UK. He has worked for Microsoft Research (Cambridge), NTU, Singtel prior to the current position at NUS.
    Mr Tyler Guan Li Wu
    Head of Huobi Global Business
    With strategic foresight, he has helped rise as an international digital asset exchange brand and is a key player in setting up and growing Huobi’s international office in Singapore.
    Ms Rae Deng
    Chief Marketing Officer, RedNova
    Graduated from Georgetown University with an academic background in international relations and public policy. She is among the elite circle of young professionals who are, on an annual basis, invited to bilateral and multilateral inter-governmental dialogues featuring missile defense, regional security infrastructure, and preventive diplomacy.